A Comprehensive, Independent Approach

We recognize that our answers and recommendations are only as good as the questions that we ask. What are your objectives? How do you plan on saving for retirement or college? How much can you spend off of your portfolio? How aggressive or conservative is your risk tolerance? The answers to these questions drive our approach and help us construct an investment strategy to reach that goal.

Our fiduciary role means that we put the client first.

Our Services

Our success is determined by our ability to help you build financial security and become financially independent. We are realistic in our goal setting and conservative in our investment approach.

Financial Planning

Investment Planning
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Tax Planning
Generational Financial Planning
College Planning
Executive Benefit Review – 401k and Stock Option Analysis
Business Services
Income Generating Strategies
Cash-Flow Planning
Risk Management

Investment Management

Expertise, experience and trust. In our view, these are the essential elements of developing an investment strategy with our clients. Whether stocks, bonds, ETFs or mutual funds, we are not tied into any outside investment management group – meaning that, when we suggest a particular investment approach, it’s only because we think it is appropriate for our client.

Our staff maintains a wide array of professional designations that guide our decision making process: Certified Financial Planner®, Chartered Financial Analyst, attorney, and MBA. These diverse areas of expertise are the foundation of our practice. And, rather than a revolving door of employees handling their accounts, clients know whom they are working with for the long term. Phone calls and emails are returned within a day, and we are always available to answer any questions.

Charitable Management

Hubbell Strickland provides investment management services for charitable organizations including religious and educational organization endowments and foundations. We have extensive asset management experience specific to the unique needs and requirements of charitable organizations.

At Hubbell Strickland, we also understand the critical importance of collaborating and working closely with the organization’s current trusted advisors including attorneys, CPAs and other professionals.

About Us

Change. Think about the last 20, 30 or 50 years. Whether in medicine, technology, business or law…how much change – and increasing complexity – have we witnessed over those time frames? Change has certainly been a part of the investment world as well. While the stock universe was once contained in a newspaper, today’s investment options are seemingly infinite: thousands of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and more are available to any investor over the web.

At Hubbell Strickland Wealth Management, we understand that, in the financial world, this overwhelming amount of data is not the same as wisdom. Our mission is three fold:


Understand the details of each client’s financial life.


Cut through complexity and render impartial advice tailored to each client.


Develop a unique plan that will place each client on the road to success.

What We Don't Do

Aggressive Advertising

As you look at our competitors, take a moment to notice the volume of tweets, blogs, or other advertising they send out. Whom do you think that kind of material is meant for: existing clients, or prospective ones?
The truth is, the more time that those advisors devote to tweets or blogs as a means to advertise and solicit new clients, the less time they are focusing on their existing clients. Rather than spend our resources on this and other forms of advertising, we prefer to let our clients speak (and thereby advertise) for us. And if a client has a question about a particular topic they saw on a blog: great, ask us. Frankly, we’d rather talk to a client about their specific issue than generate content for the masses.

Pitch You On Needless Financial Products

When it comes to investing, simple can be beautiful. Convoluted insurance policies, packaged real estate programs, even back to the S&L crisis of the 1980s – we have seen it all. Of course, so many of these “products” are sold to generate hefty commissions for the advisor or driven by internal sales competitions.
While we are always open to new ideas, there is rarely a need to make an investment plan more complicated than necessary. Stocks, bonds and cash – these are the building blocks of what we use to invest. Although they may lack the excitement of the latest and greatest Wall Street innovation, we know they have worked for investors in the long term – a fact which makes them exciting to us.

Drop You In A One-Size-Fits-All Bucket

As new clients begin working with us, they invariably have existing investment positions, whether in an IRA, 401(k), or brokerage account. We take these as a starting point and customize an investment strategy based on those holdings. Have a large gain on an existing stock position? We can discuss tax strategies or look for ways to better diversify around that holding. Have assets spread across multiple 401(k)s, IRAs or other retirement accounts? We can provide a big picture view on those assets and develop a global asset allocation where these accounts complement one another. In other words, because every client is different, every portfolio we manage is different.

Our commitment is to earn your trust and confidence by being objective and independent, offering you the highest-quality financial management and advice.

Our Team

As a family business, we place the utmost importance on the relationships we build.

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Introductions to Others

If you are an existing client, please feel free to introduce Hubbell Strickland Wealth Management to someone whom you think may be in need of our services. We are happy to provide a complimentary, confidential analysis and review. Please email or call to set up an appointment.